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A New Life in Ventis. Steampunk Adventure, Part 2

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“What an absolutely fantastic read. Every turn of the page fuelled my imagination”
“Richard Dee has a superb gift for creating believable reality”
A New Life in Ventis is the sequel to The Rocks of Aserol.
What has happened to Horis Strongman since we saw him last? The events in Aserol and beyond have changed him and given him adventures that he could never have imagined. His life is now different in every respect. He has travelled far and wide and seen things that he would never have thought were possible. But those who were against him have recovered and can still do him harm. Before he and those he cares for can be truly safe, he must face his foes again, and this time, the stakes are raised. By the time his journey ends, he will find that he has allies in the strangest places for the final confrontation that he hopes will secure his future. The story takes in foreign lands and new dangers as Horis fights for the freedom to live in peace.
Richard Dee’s fast-paced, fantastically detailed, gritty Victorian steampunk novel continues his hero’s fight against corporate crime at the highest level.
Read Book 1 in the series – Rocks of Aserol – to find out what got Horis Strongman into this predicament in the first place!

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Absolutely fantastic story!


Good gravy, what a fabulous book! Sorry it took so long to get my review in, I wanted to re-read A New Life In Ventis. I had a lot of distractions the first time! It’s a fabulous story! I found Rocks of Aserol to be a bit dry in places, and it took off slowly, but A New Life In Ventis took off with a bang, and kept up the tempo throughout the entire story. I really liked that there wasn’t a gap between the books, so no backtracking to explain what happened. My goodness, the scrapes Grace and Horis found themselves in! At times, I found myself thinking what else could go wrong for them?! Though somehow by sheer grace alone, they pulled through everything, and good prevailed!
This author certainly has a knack for taking a storyline that could be heavy and depressing, and while keeping it fantastically detailed, keep it light enough to be easy to read. Overall, it is another excellent book! Thank you for the opportunity to review this work!


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