Tales From Norlandia, Part 7

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Here is the sixth Flash Fiction trailer for the novel, only two more to go and then the main event.     The Rail-Ryde.   Aristote Graves was the driver of the Rail-Ryde to Aserol. Sat in his cab atop … Continued

Its arrived

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The box is here, the first print run – hot off the press and ready for the advance readers. Let the promotion begin.   Looks nice, doesn’t it?

Stop Press

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The book I’ve been collaborating on, 1066 Turned Upside Down, is now available for pre-order. Basically, it’s a series of “what if’s” surrounding the Battle of Hastings and features some very good writers (including me!) giving their ideas. It’s only £1.99 … Continued

More Publicity

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I popped into Brixham library yesterday and spotted a copy of Ribbonworld on the shelf with the other returned books. That means someone has borrowed it, great news; I hope they liked it. Not only that, my neighbour, Clive Maddison, … Continued

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