The tale of Christopher Padget.

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A small Flash Fiction for Sunday, taken from my Galactographic magazine project.   These days, everyone’s heard of Christopher Padget, after all, the Padget Inverter is an essential part of every spaceship. But what the reader must remember is that … Continued

Third edit

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My wonderful editor Helen has sent me the manuscript of The Rocks of Aserol after its third edit. In theory, it should now be ready (after I have waded through the corrections and typo’s) for formatting into the ebook and … Continued

4.5 Stars

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Ribbonworld scores 4.5* with an American reviewer, and the best comment was at the end, “I thoroughly enjoyed Ribbonworld. The story was fast paced and interesting, and kept me guessing right up to the end. I’d like to compare it to … Continued

Tales From Norlandia, Part 2

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Leading up to the publication of “The Rocks of Aserol,” I have written a series of Flash Fiction tales to introduce you to the world of Norlandia. They will give you a feel of the book without giving too much … Continued

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