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My debut novel Freefall left a few questions in people’s minds and I have been asked to explain them by several readers. To save me repeating myself, (and possibly telling everyone something different) I have been writing a ‘prequel’ which … Continued


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Back in the days when I was a Thames River pilot, National Geographic did a feature on Tower Bridge. I was the pilot taking the Dutch Sailing Ship ‘Artemis’ through the bridge that night and they got some good footage of me … Continued

Cheese and Onion Roll Part 2

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Following yesterday’s post, today I found a new use for the rolls. I had some Chestnut Mushrooms which I chopped and fried with garlic paste and a little oil. I split the rolls and toasted them while the mushrooms were … Continued

Cheese and Onion Rolls

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Now you might think that is a strange subject for a blog post on a science fiction based website but it’s my alter ego, the bread baker, advertising my other blog. And even a science fiction author has to eat … Continued

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